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I was talking about why Chef Gordon Ramsay was so angry all the time, and explained that he originally wanted to be a professional soccer player but suffered a really bad knee injury and couldn’t play anymore, so he poured himself into cooking and culinary arts to help with his anger issues, but his abusive alcoholic father disapproved of his cooking and died before ever tasting any of it and I realized that Gordon Ramsay has the most anime backstory ever.

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Aahhhhhhhhhh I was already asleep when the chapter was posted and I had stuff to do at work so I didn’t have the time to read it until now. QAQ asfasldfaaahhhhhhhhhhh EVERYTHING I SEE IS MAKING MY ‘I KNEEWWWWWW ITTTTTTTT’ senses fire like crazy. Roland is absolutely a baby angel and I’ll accept nothing else. It’s like, I don’t see how anyone can believe that he’s some demon? Like… are we READING the same series? I have doubts.

I’m stalking the website at several random times a day when monthly update time comes up, aha |DD When he said he could just visit anyone my first thought was “Lesus would be acceptable, but somehow that wouldn’t satisfy me, not matter how hard I ship them” so when I even so much as read the first words of the next sentence I got SUPER EXCITED. PAPA NEEEOOOO I love they father/son teacher/stutent relationship so much, aaaaah. Any teacher/student relationship really, but I just love Neo. so freaking much. NEO IS BOTH THE WORST TEACHER EVER AND THE GREATEST FATHER GRISIA COULD HAVE. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings =∀= <3333

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[Baahh I really hate the work computer. Sorry the text post looks wierd on this computer so I kinda just deleted what came before it since apparently only half of my original post showed??]

Ah… yes yes. Exactly. I will admit I was upset when Sun died because I knew the resserection scene was going to absolutely murder me but I didn’t really have any ill-feelings towards Roland since I was suspicious of everything since like. Day 1. [Don’t think you can hide those signs from me Yu Wo. I noticed them and waited patiently for my headcannons to be proven.]

Everything you said is true. Roland is very much like Grisia and extremely selfless. I totally get that. I’m kinda just to lazy at this point to even go through all the points which made me think he’s selfless.

I was thinking that is what Roland wanted as well since he had no issue with anything when Grisia has told him a few times that Roland should be burnt at the stake or something like that. He is like the first to ever defend Grisia if someone ever says that he’s not a good Sun Knight.

Even though he feels uncomfortable being the Hell Knight, I feel as though he understands that Grisia needs for him to take the role so Elijah could be set free and to make Grisia happy. He doesn’t want his friend to go through troubles, hurt himself, or anything like that. Over his own feelings, he values his friend’s safety and happiness over all of that. He wants to protect his friend and if needed be, sacrifice his own self for Grisia.

He’s very smart and is always thinking logically about what is the best course of action. Roland is definitely not some cold-hearted guy or whatever if that’s what people are saying. [I never bother reading the comments section so I dunno]

There is no way that Roland stopped caring. Why else would he be so upset with Grisia wanting to see him face to face, or the willingness to answer a question due to their ‘friendship’ or calling him Sun instead of Grisia like the other Knight Captains do, etc. There is just so much going on that I can’t help but find it extremely fishy.

I’m casting suspicious gazes upon the meeting place that Roland specified. The questions that he asked Sun, telling him that maybe his eyesight can return, tell him to see the people he wants to see, and ESPECIALLY the thing he wanted to ask but stopped himself. SHUT UP ROLAND, YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A SWEET FREAKING SUGAR ANGEL.
((Girl, I would run 10 miles if Grisia doesn’t ask anything along those lines))

[Sssssh, it’s fine, don’t worry! I know what semi-working tumblr is like, ahaha;;;;]

Ahaha, I developed a habit of stalking the comments section on the chapters that are released now (I never bothered about reading the comments on the older chapters though). Hm, let me find what I wrote back then. Based on knowledge up to volume 6 prologue, so there’s some inaccuracies concerning the birth process of the Demon King here (basically, at that time I thought Roland took Grisia’s “shard” like what transferred to Grisia from Charlotte when he killed her, and that there’s just some kind of incubation time for becoming the Demon King, and that Grisia’s body can still act as a vessel if the shards were transferred to him, but not that he’d automatically get his full candidate status back as soon as he revived)

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That damned bastard KILLED Sun!!!! He actually dared to betray him, and after all Sun’s done for him too!! You traitor, Roland!

After reading this chapter, I’m so sad I’m furious. If Roland had been faking camaraderie with the Twelve Holy Knights all this time, I swear- I DON’T CARE IF HE’S ALREADY DEAD, I’LL MAKE HIM SUFFER A FATE SO MUCH WORSE THAN DEATH THAT HE’LL WISH HE’D STAYED DEATH IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Gah, I really want to send him to personally repent in front of the God of Light right now.

Sun actually died! I can’t believe it- I refuse to believe it!! I thought no Sun Knight could die while in office… but… but… Yu Wo, how can you be so mean as to kill off the main character…TT-TT These recent chapters of LSK are breaking my heart…

Please update soon, and thanks for the hard work! (Now please excuse me as I go and vent out my irritations on the nearest inanimate object)

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    Well, how much of a choice did he have though? What I think is this: Yes, Roland is loyal to Pink, but he’s even more loyal to Grisia. Remember how Pink wanted Grisia to bleed to death to keep wounds on his body to a minimum to make resurrecting him as an undead creature easier? And now there he is, not only with a stab wound through his heart to end his suffering but back in the one place where to find someone who can actually revive him – the pope. But it doesn’t just end there. By killing Grisia, Roland took his fragment and became the Demon King, meaning Grisia would not have to and could stay as the Sun Knight like he wished. Roland said it before, he feels like he doesn’t belong in the temple, so how could he not have an “If one of us has to go, I’d rather have Grisia stay. He’s their Sun Knight, I’m the outsider”-kind of mindset? I’m afraid he even believes he doesn’t deserve to be one of the Twelve Holy Knights, undead as he is. That’s also why he tells Lesus and the others to find him, I believe. He knows someone needs to take the position of the Demon King, so he does. He’s that kind of dutiful guy, we know that. He doesn’t become the Demon King for the power. And I think he wants to use it as an excuse to have the others end him. I think Roland might believe he does not deserve to exist the way he does, a powerful undead that killed his own closest friend and Sun Knight.
    Well, when I said he doesn’t want the power, I mean to rule… I figure the power of the Demon King does come in handy when you want to go up against not only your Lich Guide but the Necromancer who summoned you to take their “promised prey” away from them. I’m sure Pink isn’t too happy to have Grisia’s corpse stolen from her~

So yeah, except for an update on how becoming the Demon King works, my believes about Roland haven’t changed much since that time. I believe Roland isn’t just the Hell Knight for Grisia and Elijah’s sake but really wants it. Except, he believes he doesn’t deserve it, so Elijah might be the excuse he used to allow himself the luxury of standing beside the other Twelve Holy Knights. “I’m an undead creature that should be destroyed, but for now, they need me to play this part, it’s duty, I can’t let them down, even if I don’t deserve this kind of happiness.” Which is why he’d willingly become the enemy of the world if he can grant Grisia the happiness of staying with his brothers that way.

But Roland also witnessed how Grisia acted in his dark state after defeating Charlotte; not only how he was trying to do the right thing for everyone else’s safety by maybe becoming the Demon King anyway, but also how he said being in that state felt great, and how he didn’t want to be the Sun Knight anymore. Also, he knows all too well how Grisia dislikes others making decisions for him (even if he willingly goes by what he believes would be better for others and putting himself second), so I think in the end he’ll let Grisia decide which of them eventually becomes the Demon King. As long as it’s Grisia’s will, he’d go along with either.

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Sports Anime Rivalries


Kuroko no Basuke: Like the worst break up ever. But five times.

Yowapeda: Either best frenemies for life, or trapped in rivalries with unworldly creatures. 

Haikyuu!!: Archnemeses who probably party together on weekends. 

Free!: We’re all basically best friends but we try really hard to hide it at official meets. Except for when we cry on each other.

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A Scorpio pranking a Taurus


A Scorpio pranking a Taurus

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There is something so incredibly fishy about this whole entire thing. I’m not sure what it is, but I can feel it in my bones.

Probably the only reason why I haven’t gone on a whole ranting tangent about Roland. I can’t help but feel like there is just so much more to all of this. I can’t help but still think of him as a poor lil baby.

Just something about all this doesn’t seem right to me.

Roland is obviously the sweetest angel child how can anyone doubt him
I never believed for a second that Roland is “evil” or a heartless traitor or whatever a lot of people started seeing him as when he killed Grisia. (I believe to remember I actually went on a Roland-defending rant somewhere in the comments section of the epilogue of volume 6? I think it was there. Either way, look for “Fhays”, that’s me)

Much the opposite. I think Roland and Grisia are both very similar in some aspects. Roland is just as horribly selfless as Grisia is, but in addition believes he doesn’t belong in the Holy Temple, let alone as a member of the Twelve Holy Knights, undead creature as he is. I still think Roland actually wants to be erased yet on the other hand take the role of Demon King so Grisia can stay as the Sun Knight - were he belongs.

(And I’m betting three blueberry pies the question Grisia’s going to ask him will be along the lines of “Do you still want to be Hell Knight?”)

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